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STEAM Summer Program Flyer

Student Ages 6-12 years old

Our Summer STEAM Program will offer children hands-on, interactive, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math activities designed to engage their creativity and improve their problem-solving skills.

  • 9am to 3pm daily schedule: $250/week
  • Extended-day option: $10/extra hour
  • Hot lunch and snacks will be provided

    Weekly Session

Section 1: June 26th - 30th (Garden Creation)

Section 2: July 10th - 14th (Water Wall Construction and Water Fun!)

Section 3: July 17th - 21st (Race Boat Building and Racing Competition)

Section 4: June 31st - August 4th (Hands-on Science Activities)

Section 5: June 31st - August 4th (Science in Cooking)

Section 6: August 7th - 11th (Nature Exploration)

Section 7: August 14th - 18th (Kite Construction and Competition)

Section 8: August 21st - 25th (Outdoors Colors Fun)